New user interface!

We are happy to welcome you to our new websites! We've tweaked the experience a bit to make shopping easier, especially for our pro members.

Separations of sites

We had to create new sites for our Maria Galland Paris and EUFȎRIΛ products to allow us to better accommodate their large catalog (especially that of Maria Galland Paris) and their sales volume for our products in public sale. The public catalogs of Fusion Cocktails and eKSeption Peelings will remain, for the time being, on Cosmé

The catalogs of Maria Galland Paris, EUFȎRIΛ, Fusion, eKSeption and MixLab for professional sales also remain on Cosmé, via our new Pro Zone .

New Pro Zone

Our web wizard has been working hard to build us this new Pro Zone which will undoubtedly speed up your restocking process for your salon. This page, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will act as a virtual order form and can accommodate payment methods such as bank transfers as you are already used to doing. Even that we encourage you to use this function instead of paying immediately online via your credit card, to ensure that you take advantage of the best possible prices and discounts on your purchases.

You will also find the same resources that we made available to you on the old Pro Zone. You will find them on the new Resource Center.

How to register for the new Pro Zone?

Create a web purchase account (if you already have one, it is not necessary to create a new one) and contact your representative in your region to be granted Pro permissions.

You will need to provide the email address used for your web account to your representative so that we can apply the changes.

So! You will now be able to take full advantage of the Zone Pro.